Fifty Years

It was definitely not roses and smiles. The situation was far from gravely loved romantic movies. There were no punchlines, no sweet musings, and even to die for exchanges. It was not a dream. There were fights, fights, and lots of fights.

Still, I saw the compromises. I discovered the considerations made for each other. I have felt the continuous efforts to understand the shortcomings and work on the weaknesses. I learned of the sacrifices. I have heard the silent whispers of the heart.

I felt the longing. I have known the concerns. I saw the hugs and I caught the kisses. I perceived the smiles. I heard of the laughter.

I was able to witness it. I had a glimpse of the journey.

Yes, that is how I knew.

Forever made sense.

Yes, to our ever doting, amazing, and spectacular grandparents, cheers and best wishes to fifty years and forever!

We love you very, very much!



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