To the Man of My Dreams, Literally

I was scrolling through old works and found this. I made this in high school for a school requirement. Well, forgive my apparent love struck state here. It’s hilarious how I was so young and naive before. This is ancient history. I just thought it’d be nice to share.

So back then, I kept having recurrent dreams of dating a certain, unknown man. We were very sweet. Yes, with lots of cheesy, to gag for, knight and damsel moments. However, every time I woke up, I can’t remember what he looked like. Until now, he remains a mystery. I also never dreamed about him since.

Trust me, some may find this creepy but the experience was nothing like that at all. Seriously. Well, just read and find out.


Boys in my world continue to come and go
Not even seeing the pain I continue to forego
Old romance was what left my life in sorrow
At some point, I’m left hoping for a better tomorrow

Tomorrow is when you first came across to me
Asking me to dance in sweet motion and harmony
Pulling my hands while dressed in formality
Making me feel, with you, a princess is what I can be

You never left my side
Only appearing when the sun is not in sight
For consecutive days, I counted with might
But every time I woke up, your face is erased on my mind

All I remember are your measured strides
With gentle hands and smile so bright
Your hair is black with a natural light
With eyes screaming,  I’m the love of your life

Where can I find you?
Save me from this solitude I want to undo
This feels painful, I wish I knew
How I long for you to come out of the blue!

Just who can you be?
I’ve been wondering what you mean to me
You came into my life helping me to see
The real wonder of what love can be

For someone who has a clear goal in life
Disregarding the numerous interventions in sight
Only seeking the concepts of what is white and right
You left a mark to me just like an apple bite

But no matter how much I want to meet you
The problem is that I can never be with you
Reality bites for you only exist on a dream cue
The only time when I really, truly know you

Reality is where I should go back
Even if it means losing you as I get on track
The circle of life where I have things on stack
New beginnings to face with the ticking of the clock

If you are the one, I’d be engulfed in pure happiness
But I will not wait for you, not even your sweet caresses
I can only pray, trusting God and his arrangements
But I thank your love for once leaving my whole world breathless.

 — dgrownupkid 



4 thoughts on “To the Man of My Dreams, Literally

  1. Supposedly, our mind doesn’t invent faces. Sometimes the face can be blacked out though. If you remember there being a face in your dream but you just can’t remember what it looked like, you’ve seen the person in real life. Dreams are so weird. Also, this is a great piece! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! This is very informative. If this is the case, then maybe I’ve already seen the guy somewhere. He’s just in my unconscious and my mind retrieves the info through my dreams. Thank you so much for appreciating! You, yourself also has great pieces and I look forward to seeing more! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It seems kind of weird, but that’s how we dream about random people. Our mind just picks a face. And you’re welcome! Thank you and I look forward to reading more posts from you as well!


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